Dr. maurice fürstenberg

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Dr. Maurice Fürstenberg will start with his work on his postdoctoral project as part of TEIFUN at the Chair of German Philology and Didactics of German Literature at the University of Tübingen in July 2024 after completing his traineeship at school. He will be working on questions relating to the use of generative AI for feedback,

which are aimed at pupils. After passing his first state examination in German, sport and educational science at LMU and TU Munich in 2018, he completed his doctorate in German didactics in 2023. His dissertation "Kommagebrauch im Deutschen" was recognized as one of the five best dissertations at LMU in 2023. Maurice Fürstenberg maintained close practical contact during his doctoral studies and, in addition to his project work at the university, also worked for four years as a sports and German teacher at Gisela-Gymnasium Munich. He has also been active in extracurricular teaching contexts, particularly in the field of political education, for example for various foundations. In his project at the University of Tübingen, he will contribute his research and practical experience, as well as his previous academic work in the field of AI and German teaching, and deepen it in a broad-based practical study.

Children write - AI gives feedback

University of Tübingen
German Seminar
Chair of German Philology / Didactics of German Literature

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